Connecting in a Time of Covid

Connecting in a Time of Covid (pdf)

What happens when these connections are now having less of an affect because they are happening through a computer screen, or in some cases, not happening at all?

We have now been living in a virtual style of connectedness for just shy of a year, but that does not mean our needs as human beings for personal interaction have adapted as well as our computer skills have. So how do we stay connected when all we want to do after a long day of screen time is disconnect? With staff morale being reported low, many administrators are looking for ways to support their school community, and parents and teachers alike are joining forces to provide resources for students during school hours.

We find, that the key is to capitalize on the moments we are together. We hope you find this comprehensive list of tools to support everyone from the educator to the working parent turned home school teacher helpful on your quest for providing support!

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