National Health Observances (NHOs) are special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. Aligning your events with NHOs can help to elevate their visibility and impact.


All Month
Provide opportunities for students to learn about and participate in healthy eating and lifetime physical activity options.
Last Saturday of September
Activities can include walking, low-impact exercises, health screenings, health information workshops and other wellness activities.
Last Week of September
Celebrate locally grown fruits & veggies with a Jersey Fresh taste sampling or food demo.


2nd full week of October
It’s about sharing the best, real images of today’s school lunch. Also visit the School Nutrition Association.
October 8
Most people probably know someone suffering from depression. Drag depression out of the darkness and bring help to those who need it.
First Week of October
Use ideas from the Social Media ToolKit.
First Wednesday of October
Build awareness of the need for walkable communities; Engage staff, students and families to participate; provide certificates of completion.


November 13
Hold a school-wide activity or visit the website for 5 simple classroom activities.
3rd Thursday of November
Visit the website for free tips and tools or call 1-800-227-2345.


1st week of December
Promote hand washing with students and staff to prevent colds and the flu.


Starts 3rd Sunday of January
A public health and awareness campaign that celebrates healthy living habits. Most diets hurt self-esteem so, instead, focus on healthy, lifelong habits Whether you’re trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight, regular physical activity is important.A public health and awareness campaign that celebrates healthy living habits. Most diets hurt self-esteem so, instead, focus on healthy, lifelong habits Whether you’re trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight, regular physical activity is important.


All Month
Promote safe and healthy relationships to end dating violence and sexual assault.  This issue impacts everyone - teens, teachers, families and the community.
All Month
Have teachers promote the benefits of good oral health with their students.
All Month
Use the toolkit and activities to promote heart health month with decorations and/or healthy valentines.
Starts February 11th for 7 days
Ten ideas for teachers to spread kindness in their schools; look for grant funding to support your Acts of Kindness Project; use CASEL-approved, social emotional learning curricula K-5 and 6-8.


All month
Host a school-wide activity to celebrate healthy eating habits with students.
March 27
Showcase a SEL best practice in your school; promote SEL; advocate for SEL by writing a proclamation in support of SEL and having it signed by any elected official; organize a SEL Day activity in your school.
March 18
Use activities from the website to raise awareness of the problem of tobacco use.
1st full week in March
Work with food service staff on ways your school can celebrate National School Breakfast Week.
March 4
Help raise awareness about HPV and how to manage the risk of HPV related cancers using tools and resources from the website.


All Month
STDs have sharply increased.  It’s important to for students to learn what STDs are and how to prevent, test and treat these infections to protect their sexual health.
Last week of April
Hold a school-wide event or classroom activity to promote nutrition and physical activity facts with students and families.
April 22
Earth Day is about raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and taking action.
April 10
One in 5 new HIV diagnoses are among young people aged 13-24 years but only 9% of high school students have ever been tested.  Promote awareness of this issue to prevent HIV.
First week of April
Links teens to science-based facts about drugs to help them make informed decisions.


All Month
The foundation said that about 80% of lifetime ultraviolet (UV) exposure occurs before a child turns 18, and up to 90% of skin damage is caused by the sun.
All Month
May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month! The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition is excited to encourage everyone to go play and #MoveInMay.
All Month
Use available resources to show the importance of positive mental health to healthy development, resiliency and student learning.
All month
Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM) is an international and national observance of promoting the benefits of health and fitness in the workplace.
May 6
School hosts participation in All Children Exercising Simultaneously.
May 5 (2021)
Plan an event to engage staff and student participation; provide certificates of completion.


Video/Youtube contest
Students create an infomercial for a healthy food – fruit, vegetable or other.
Newsletter or Website
Include a health and wellness article at least 4x/school year.
Monthly School Walk/Run
A walk/run for students and staff led by the school. Give participants a certificate of completion to earn an incentive after receiving x # of certificates.
Install Water Hydration Stations
School identifies funding to add a water bottle filling system.
Evidence-Based or -Informed Program
See actions on School Health NJ.
Host Healthy Food Demonstrations
Showcase healthy foods and ways to prepare these foods for students, staff and/or families.
Healthy Morning Messages
A once weekly (or more) healthy message over the course of the year during school announcements.
Green Mustache Contest (St. Patrick’s Day)
Students “show off “green” mustaches by drinking green smoothies.
Fitness, Nutrition, and/or Garden Club
Establish a before- or after- school club that meets at least twice a week (or month) with a total of 25-50 student participants.
Family Fun Night
A school-led, after-school wellness night promoting health and wellness.
Classroom or Other School Celebrations or Meetings
Serve healthy options.
4 Week Class Walking Contest
Using pedometers, students engage in extra steps during school day for one month.